CutiePlusU Strawberry Onesie

I got this super cute 🍓 strawberry onesie🍓 from @cutieplusu . Paired with my pompom bear ears I was able to live up to my dream of being a strawBEARry!

Honest Review:
This onesie is super comfy. The material is stretchy and while it stretches the design is still intact and not horribley distorted like some other stretchy materials do. Its also thin and breathable! So perfect for sleeping or lounging in this heat I have here at my home! I am wearing a 4xl and it fits perfectly with lots of room! The colors are vibrant and I actually love this onesie! Its going in my favs to wear! The only thing I had trouble with was unsnapping it as it was on good and tight but I call that a plus the only worry I have is with this thin material I hope it doesnt rip or tear when trying to unsnap it 😅 that just means I need to be careful so far it hasnt so hopefully thats all it is...a worry!

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