Crystal Skull Pacifier-Black

  • Adult Teat Size: 1.6 inch long x 1.2 inch wide

  • Pacifier Shield Size: 2.6 inch wide x 2 inch tall

  • Teat Material: Silicone (BPA and latex free). CutiePlusU Pacifiers are made of the highest quality, safest, and softest material.

  • Made of red skulls, colourful crystal diamonds, small spiders, black roses, silver bats and colourful beads applied by hand, the colour of the letters of the "DEAD ALIVE" is randomly matched.

  • Upgraded Packaging: Pack the pacifier in a food-grade round or square box (reusable) and wrap it completely with two layers of bubble wrap before shipping.

  • Our DIY adult pacifier is still removable, so you can change the nipple at any time.

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